PROE Mosselbaai 2012 – 2015

PROE Mosselbaai (“taste Mossel Bay” – not only the local flavours but also the diverse cultures, natural beauty, arts and history) was launched in December 2012 when the original Food / Art & Lifestyle Routes were created to help market the first PROE festival in February 2013. The concept – a weekend of events showcasing venues on the two PROE Routes – received loads of publicity and became even bigger during the second year! The FiĆ«sta team visited to capture the festivities on film for KykNET, national radio station RSG attended, and various foodie personalities came to talk about their cookery books at PROE.

The festival helped to promote a number of new products. The Fragrance Route (brainchild of Great Brak River resident Heleen Coertze) was launched during PROE 2013, and the festival logo inspired Mossel Bay glass artist Zandra Klipwijk to create the PROE plate. In 2014 local diva Petronel Baard launched her song Die lekker lewe and Dave, husband of Great Brak River artist Kira Brown, introduced his Simply Scottish range.

In 2015 it was decided to change the expanding weekend festival to a series of boutique events hosted on different dates. With more Fragrance Route venues coming on board the Fragrance Fest was launched on 28 February, and individual events hosted by altogether 15 PROE participants culminated in the Seeff Charity Event held at The Ochre Venue on 9 May. This highlight in aid of the ACVV was co-organized by PROE Mosselbaai and a wonderful way to say good-bye to an exciting journey of two and a half years.

Pictures of PROE 2015 events (excluding the Fragrance Fest) can be seen on the PROE 2015 Gallery. The PROE Food & Art & Lifestyle Route and original Map is also still available; please note however that information on the PROE Route HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE JUNE 2015.

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