The Fragrance Route | Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk, Friemersheim

In Friemersheim, next to the main road, on the left. If you should travel from the other direction on the circular road: on the right (past Die Kraal on the right, Kattekwaad on the right, and Friemersheim Kwekery on the left).

A bit of history:
In 1854 Reverend Johann Kretzen – of the Berliner Missionary Society, and originally from Friemersheim in Germany – arrived to do missionary work for the George NG parish. He worked from Knysna to Hemelroodt (Herbertsdale) and in 1870 he bought the farm Gonnakraal for his sister. Monthly church services were held there and he also started a school. After his sister’s death in 1872 he transferred the farm to the Binnelandse Sendingkommissie and the church community that resided on Gonnakraal received the right to remain on the farm. The name Gonnakraal was then changed to Friemersheim, his town of birth.

The church was built in 1884 and the road that runs past it was named after the Reverend – Kretzen Street. The pure, neoclassical, Cape Dutch-inspired church form has a Germanic simplicity (expressed in its decoration of the pyramidal turrets on the gable walls and in the rectangular plaster bands above the window openings), which gives the building a refined clarity. In 2010 well-known Great Brak artist, Spies Venter, designed the bell and the gate entrance detail. The leather panel decorating the pulpit was also a gift from him. Elements depicted are hands (the Creation), crosses, a ship (symbolizing our journey through life), fish, musical instruments, and bread and wine (Communion).

Visit by appointment during the year.
Groups welcome, catering can be arranged. This historic venue is also available for weddings, christenings and renewal of vows. Contact Margory Roelfse, 062 796 9284.