The Fragrance Route | Friemersheim DIY Walk

Visiting historic Friemersheim? Make the most of this experience and plan a walk / drive to meet the locals and learn more about this former mission station. You can either just follow the map at any time, or phone in advance to make appointments – please note that the Pre-Primary School can only be visited before 11h30 on school days.

The route of 1 km takes you from the historic church to Geelhout Street (turn right after 200 m), and back to Kretzen Street. From this point it is about 100 m to the Friemersheim Kwekery (right), and 1.2 km to Die Kraal (currently closed). Contact numbers are provided for all the additional visits along the way – please phone the individual contacts AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE to make the necessary arrangements

1. Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk: View the church and Volkwyn chair by arrangement only. Contact Margory Roelfse, 062 796 9284.

2. Friemersheim Pre-Primary School: Meet the Friemersheim kids by arrangement only, before 11h30 on school days. Contact principal Christine Terblanche @ 084 701 9176. Donations welcome.

3. Friendly Superette: Pop in at this local shop and say hello to the owner, who hails from Bangladesh.

4. Hester Uithaler’s garden: Lavender, flowers and organic vegetables grow in this garden, decorated with statuettes and cool drink bottles filled with coloured water. Various birds are frequent visitors. Home-made ginger beer and soetkoekies on request, order from Hester @ 063 110 0948 or Petra Jordaan @ 082 957 7715.

Freimersheim Sewing Group

5. Friemersheim Sewing Group: Pop in to see what they are doing at this SHWESHWE STOP venue. Colourful shweshwe Proebags, aprons, serviettes and much more for sale. Usually open until lunch, week days only, but contact Petra Jordaan @ 082 957 7715 or Cinty Joubert @ 073 455 7346 to confirm.

Further down Geelhout Street (on the left): Ravel Nortjé’s house and workshop. In February 2016 Ravel made a replica of the Volkwyn chair, now on permanent display at the historic Friemersheim church.

House in Geelhout Street (on the right): Saws decorate the entrance, a reminder of carpentry and other skills taught by Reverend Kretzen.

Friemersheim Kwekery: Buy lavender and other plants and walk in the lavender maze. By arrangement, contact Petra Jordaan @ 082 957 7715.

Die Kraal: Currently closed. Contact Irma Jacobus, 082 457 6366.