The Fragrance Route | Birding On The Route

Birding in Great Brak River is outstanding – on (see Trip Advisors / Birding the Brak) there is a list of 123 species recorded in “this little gem of a birding town”. Click here to view Dirk Human‘s Birding The Fragrance Route article.

The nearby Kleinvlei Road area between Great Brak and Friemersheim is particularly popular amongst bird watchers – according to the following species can be seen along this road: Martial Eagle, Crowned Eagle, Buzzards, Rock Kestrel (Common Kestrel), Black Harrier, Yellowbilled Kite, Blackshouldered Kite, Stanley‘s Bustard, Kori Bustard, Blue Crane, White Stork, Bokmakierie, Orangethroated Longclaw, Larks, Ducks, Crows/Raven, Hoopoe, Hamerkop, Blackwinged Plover, Ethiopian Snipe, and many more.

And Vivienne Holtzhausen, previous owner of The Pink House, posted this in 2011: “We have a property along the Friemersheim road about 5km from Great Brak with 4ha of fynbos and indigenous forest and our bird life is wonderful – especially the predatory birds. One event I love to watch every day is the movement of the cattle egrets from their roosts in town, up the valley in front of our house and on to the vlaktes where they spend their day. They start up the valley in small groups, then swirl back and around to join up with the back markers. The group grows and grows and performs the most beautiful ‘dance’ against the backdrop of the Outeniquas – it is really a beautiful sight and a wonderful start to my day!”

Kleinvlei Road offers superb game spotting and bird watching opportunities.