Great Brak River | 103 Steps

“God’s Gift”
46 Sandhoogtepad
Great Brak River


Open daily for viewing
Free admission
(by appointment only)

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103 Steps is a labyrinth of life: ever-changing thought patterns, observing something new and different with each step, in every turn, leaving no footprints, and feeling ever humble once you have passed through. It is a work in progress. Its concept is personal expression through physical doing. It was constructed from nothing – without plan – of waste material, and discarded plants nurtured back to life.

On occasion you will read it in writing every so often see it in a work of art from time to time in a play now and then in a movie at times hear it in song – occasionally, by just becoming silent.

Celebration of gratitude: every first Wednesday of the month and once a week throughout December candles are lit after sunset. You are welcome to join this uplifting ceremony and can even bring your own candle along.

103 Steps