Mossel Bay | Baruch’s Coffee Roastery

Baruch’s Coffee Roastery

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Physical Address:

KKT Building no 4
Gericke Street
Voorbaai, Mossel Bay

Contact Number:

044 695 2078

Cellular Phone:

082 774 1728


08h00 - 17h00 Mon - Fri
Closed Sat and Sun

A favourite one-stop coffee experience with a relaxed ambience and great food.

Specials of the day include a wide selection of Israeli cuisine. With specialist coffees from exotic destinations such as Guatemala, Brazil, Costa Rica and Kenia roasted on the premises - and distributed countrywide - there is always the smell of coffee in the air, and sometimes the sound of live music as well.

Baruch's Coffee Roastery caters for all events (from weddings to corporate functions), Barista training is offered, and they specialize in the selling and servicing of coffee equipment.

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BARUCH'S COFFEE ROASTERY Saturday 28 February 08h00-14h00

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