Great Brak River | Voorburg Art School and Spies Venter’s Studio

Voorburg Art School and Spies Venter’s Studio

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22 Charles Street
Great Brak River

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082 922 4663


By appointment

Well-known sculptor and artist Spies Venter lives and works in what used to be the first school in Great Brak River, set in a tranquil riverside garden.

Spies works in various media, both as sculptor and painter – and from February to November he teaches at the Voorburg Art School next door. Housed in a corrugated iron shed, with a wonderfully creative atmosphere, the school was started in 2002 and over the years a number of established artists in the Southern Cape have benefited from Spies Venter’s guidance. Drawing, painting and sculpture are taught here Tuesday to Thursday, for beginners and more advanced students.

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