The Fragrance Route | Hilltop Farm Stall

Hilltop Farm Stall

Physical Address:

At the start of the Fragrance Route. If travelling from Great Brak River/Greenhaven, you will see Hilltop Farms free range chickens (previously Kitwana) at the T-junction with Sorgfontein Road - on the corner on your left.

Contact Number:

044 620 2668

Owner Pieter Stander slaughters on a Monday and Wednesday to ensure best quality at all times. Their range includes chicken biltong, sausage (only fillet used), flatties, patties, whole chicken, fillets, goulash, stir-fry, 4 x 4 (thighs and drumsticks). Kebabs and sundowner (cocktail wings) prepared on request.

Cycle friendly spot
Cyclists and motor bikes welcome.

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